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Where taste meets excellence service.

Creative Cannabis Catering by Enid Parham

About Us

Catering is not just all about food. It’s about excellent service as well

Lucky Pistil creates custom menus that can be executed in any location. 

Our Service

The catering with the royal touch

Breakfast. brunch, lunch and dinner, we can service all types of requests and can also assist with decor and set up. Contact us for more details.

Treat your crew to the ultimate lifted experience with a curated cannabis infused menu
Schedule a super cool party with Lucky Pistil supplying the flavor
Want delicious food that isn't infused? We got you on that too

Earn discounts from referrals

Contact us to learn how you can plan a custom party for up to 20% off your next event.

Why Choose Us

Great food, great service, anywhere anytime

Experienced Chef

Chef Sunflower has more than 15 years culinary experience

Solid Team

We hire the best because you deserve the best.

Best Cuisine

A one of a kind cuisine you can't find anywhere else!

Great Customer Support

If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will reach out within 24hrs.