Lucky Pistil Catering
Enid Parham

Better known as Chef Sunflower of LuckyPistil Catering, Enid Parham developed a love of cooking at a young age. With a passion for organic ingredients and fusion flavors, she is known for her mouth-watering dishes with extravagant and gorgeous plating details. 

An outgoing, experienced, creative chef she also appreciates the benefits of the use of cannabis in her work. As cannabis became legalized in Michigan, she quickly became the go-to cannabis chef in Michigan. 

But before that, she hosted the first series of secret underground cannabis brunch experiences in Detroit in 2016–when cannabis was still in prohibition. Her brave decision helped her garner success and recognition in her hometown.

In 2019, when cannabis finally became legal she graced the cover of the Detroit Free Press and combined forces with other leading ladies in the cannabis community to bring awareness in cannabis pertaining to; social equity, inclusion of people of color, wellness and health for mothers and women, and the injustice of prohibition in the industry. 

Chef Sunflower was named the top Cannabis Chef in Michigan of 2021 by Michigan-edibles.com, as well as part of Who’s Who in Detroit Legacy and has been featured in several local and national articles. Her focus is on incredible flavors, beautiful plates and education of the flower. 

Chef Sunflower aspires to help with the destigmatization of cannabis nationally and eventually worldwide not only by using her beautiful smile and charismatic personality on air through food, but also through the powerful cannabis community and family that she has successfully become a part of.